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Web3 Innovators - Conor Svensson

January 11, 2022 Conor Svensson Season 1 Episode 24
Web3 Innovators
Web3 Innovators - Conor Svensson
Show Notes

Blockchain Innovators is now called Web3 Innovators!

In this special episode of Web3 Innovators, Alex Banks, former Head of Innovation, NatWest Markets and CTO/Co-founder, Pet Proactive Insurance, interviews Conor Svensson, founder and CEO of Web3 Labs, at the launch event for his new book - The Blockchain Innovator’s Handbook: A leader’s guide to understanding, adopting and succeeding with this disruptive technology. 

Conor is certainly a Web3 Innovator, he spent his first decade in work in and around the financial markets, which crossed the time of the financial crisis. Find out how this influenced his career path and his big takeaways from the experience. 

In 2017, Conor wrote the Web3J Library, the Java and Android library for working with Smart Contracts and integrating with Ethereum blockchains. He has also been central to the London Ethereum community since its inception. Conor explains how he how he first became interested in Ethereum and how this led him to writing the library which has been downloaded over 1 million times, thanks to usage by companies like J.P Morgan, Opera, and Samsung.

This is an inspiring conversation which also delves into how Conor started his own company Web3 Labs, which has built an impressive client base - Microsoft, Consensys, JP Morgan. 

There’s also a Q+A section from the audience where Conor gives his expert opinion on topics like decentralised identity, voting and DAOs.

If you’d like to learn more about the The Blockchain Innovator’s Handbook, please head to web3labs.com/innovators.

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