Web3 Innovators

Blockchain Innovators - Conor Svensson and Doug Petkanics

December 01, 2021 Conor Svensson Season 1 Episode 20
Web3 Innovators
Blockchain Innovators - Conor Svensson and Doug Petkanics
Show Notes

In this episode of Blockchain Innovators, Conor Svensson, founder and CEO of Web3 Labs, talks to Doug Petkanics, CEO & founder of Livepeer, a decentralized video streaming network. 

In the conversation Doug discusses why Livepeer is such a critical piece of infrastructure not just for the Web3, but also Web2 companies, especially those who aren’t at the scale of Amazon or Google. He also talks about how Livepeer has managed to tap into an almost endless supply of GPUs to power the network’s transcoding thanks to cryptocurrency miners and how streaming video can work alongside NFTs for creators.

Doug’s been immersed in the blockchain ecosystem for the past five years, and we know you'll enjoy hearing his perspective on where we’re heading with the Web3.0.

You can watch this podcast here.

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