Web3 Innovators

Web3 Perspectives: Is web3 too fragmented?

September 26, 2023 Conor Svensson
Web3 Innovators
Web3 Perspectives: Is web3 too fragmented?
Show Notes

In this Web3 Innovators: Insights episode, we consider the complex world of web3 and explore the pressing issue of fragmentation. Is web3 too fragmented, and what does this mean for its future? Join us as we dissect the key points:

The Web3 Landscape

  • Definition of Web3: We begin by defining web3 and its significance in the world of blockchain and decentralized technologies.
  • The Early Days: A brief history of web3, starting with Bitcoin and the simplicity of the early blockchain era.
  • Ethereum Emergence: The game-changing arrival of Ethereum and its role in introducing smart contracts and decentralized applications.

The Fragmentation Problem

  • The Proliferation of Alt-Layer1s: We discuss the emergence of alternative layer one networks and their competition with Ethereum.
  • Lack of Interoperability: Highlighting the challenges posed by limited interoperability between these blockchain networks.
  • The Achilles Heel: Examining major security risks associated with bridges between blockchains and their impact on web3.

The Case for Consolidation

  • Lessons from the Internet: Drawing parallels with the development of the internet and the benefits of a standardized backbone.
  • The Startup Mentality: How the startup culture in web3 encourages the creation of alternative networks.
  • The Pragmatic Approach: Advocating for focusing on layers and abstractions to build on existing networks, fostering faster evolution.

A Unified Web3 Future

  • The Vision of Consolidation: Imagining a future where consolidation leads to a primary settlement layer with Ethereum and Bitcoin.
  • Layer Two Networks: How other networks can thrive as layer two solutions, inheriting Ethereum's security guarantees.
  • Accelerating Innovation: The potential benefits of a consolidated web3 for users and developers alike.

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