Web3 Innovators

How to Onboard the Next Generation of Users to Polkadot

September 13, 2023 Conor Svensson Season 7 Episode 7
Web3 Innovators
How to Onboard the Next Generation of Users to Polkadot
Show Notes

In this episode of the Web3 Innovators Podcast, host Conor Svensson interviews Gautam Dhameja, Solutions Delivery Director at Parity Technologies. 

Gautam shares his journey into the blockchain space, explaining the concepts that initially captured his attention, the challenges of data reconciliation, and the potential of decentralisation and immutability. They discuss Parity's role in the Polkadot ecosystem, the significance of solutions engineering, and the importance of balancing security and scalability. The conversation concludes with Gautam's vision of Polkadot's impact on scalability, security, and adoption over the next decade.

Standout Quotes:

 • "We want to make sure that we talk about use cases, the application layer, the solutions that we can bring to solve some of the real-world problems because at the end of the day, you know, like when we fly in an aeroplane, we don't look at what thrust engine is producing... the user is important and we have to talk in the language of the user."

 • "It's more of a road towards large-scale adoption with the basic infrastructure pieces in place."

Episode Highlights:

  • Gautam's background and journey into the blockchain space.
  • The role of blockchain in solving supply chain issues.
  • The concept of decentralisation and immutability.
  • Transitioning from exploring blockchain to diving deep into the technology.
  • Exploring solutions engineering at BigchainDB and Parity Technologies.
  • Parity's role in the Polkadot ecosystem and solutions delivery.
  • Balancing security and scalability in blockchain development.
  • Importance of user-centric language and real-world use cases.
  • Decentralised identity and zero-knowledge proofs.
  • The impact of Polkadot on scalability, security, and adoption.


Contact Gautam Dhameja: LinkedIn | Twitter
Gautam leads the Solution Delivery team at Parity, where he focuses on building Web3 solutions for the Polkadot ecosystem. He has been working on decentralised systems and blockchain technology since 2017. Prior to coming into the Web3 space, he worked on IoT and Supply Chain solutions at Microsoft. Gautam also hosts the "Block Shots" podcast about concise explanations of blockchain concepts, and he has co-authored a book on blockchain fundamentals, "Beginning Blockchain".

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