Web3 Innovators

How Web3 is Evolving in Enterprise

August 23, 2023 Conor Svensson Season 7 Episode 4
Web3 Innovators
How Web3 is Evolving in Enterprise
Show Notes

In this episode of the Web3 Innovators podcast, host Conor Svensson interviews Kary Bhemaiah, the Chief Technology and Innovation Officer at Capgemini Invent. Kary's journey from being a marine engineer to becoming a prominent leader in the Web3 space is truly inspiring. He shares his genuine passion for Bitcoin and explains how it has shaped his career in remarkable ways. The conversation moves on to discuss the challenges of adopting Web3 in large organisations, the influence of CBDCs and stablecoins, and the importance of building a stable ecosystem that doesn't rely solely on speculative token prices.

Key Moments:

  • Kary's journey from marine engineer to Web3 leader and how Bitcoin sparked his interest in blockchain.
  •  Challenges organisations face in adopting Web3 technologies and bridging the knowledge gap between technical experts and business owners.
  • The impact of CBDCs and stablecoins on the industry and their role in influencing adoption and innovation.
  • The potential of Web3 protocols to meet the growing demand for data storage, computation, and infrastructure services.
  • The importance of focusing on real-world use cases and avoiding reliance on speculative token prices to build a stable ecosystem.

Standout Quote:
“The fact that you’ve got a lot of the large financial institutions, whether it’s BlackRock or it’s JP Morgan or other big banks who’ve been able to make significant savings by using blockchain in order to do their co-business functions. I think that’s given a lot more impetus for firms across the globe to look at it from a much more mature, adult in the room kind of standpoint.”


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Contact Kary Bheemaiah: LinkedIn
Kary is the Chief Technology & Innovation Officer at Capgemini Invent. In this role he has led/co-led the creation of their Quantum Lab, Metaverse Lab, pushed forward the WEB3 initiatives and their forthcoming work in Synthetic Biology. 
Kary is also part of Capgemini Group's Technology, Innovation and Ventures (TIV) council, which sets the agenda for the Group’s technology and innovation strategy. 

Outside of Capgemini Invent, Kary has spoken at 2 TEDx events and 2 TheNextWeb events to date. He has written for many leading publications like Written for MIT Tech Review, WIRED, Harvard Business Review, World Economic Forum, to name a few. He also wrote a book "The Blockchain Alternative” which was published in 2017.

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