Web3 Innovators

The Evolution of Financial Markets Infrastructure

August 16, 2023 Conor Svensson Season 7 Episode 3
Web3 Innovators
The Evolution of Financial Markets Infrastructure
Show Notes

In this episode of the Web3 Innovators Podcast, Dotun Rominiyi, Blockchain Strategy – Emerging Technologies at LSEG, shares his journey into the world of blockchain technology. Starting from his early encounter with Bitcoin during his time at Barclays Investment Bank to his fascination with Ethereum's decentralised compute capabilities, he paints a picture of the evolving landscape of blockchain. 

Key Moments:

  • Dotun's experience in the video games industry and how it fostered a keen interest in emerging technologies. 
  • The fascination with blockchain technology and how it presents opportunities to represent assets of value and enable decentralised compute.
  • The importance of considering regulatory constraints and compliance requirements when exploring blockchain solutions in the financial industry.
  • The need for precise, evolutionary approaches to blockchain integration in heavily regulated environments like the London Stock Exchange Group.
  • The unique innovation of blockchain and its potential to revolutionise various sectors beyond technology considerations.
  • The need to understand and navigate the complex legal structures and regulations governing financial markets.
  • The potential of blockchain in simplifying and automating regulatory compliance and contractual enforcement.

Standout Quote: "We do exist in a heavily regulated environment, so whatever we do, we have to think about the context of regulation, the realities of that, and what that means for the types of obligations that we have, the types of obligations that our clients have, and the constraints that entities within the ecosystem have to navigate when they think about the commercial activities they engage in." - Dotun Rominiyi


Contact Dotun Rominiyi: Twitter | LinkedIn
Dotun Rominiyi, Blockchain Strategy – Emerging Technologies at LSEG, is responsible for steering adoption and engagement of blockchain and distributed ledger technologies across both internal group businesses and across the wider capital markets landscape. Dotun and his team are currently focused on delivering a number of internal initiatives as well as partnerships with FinTechs and capital market institutions. Previously he ran technology as CTO of the blockchain start-up BlockEx, as well as co-founding a commercial blockchain gaming venture prior. Dotun has an extensive background as an expert technologist and software engineer, across both the financial services (in automated derivatives trading & execution) and video game sectors. 

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