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Web3 Perspectives: Web3 Data - What information do users really care about?

September 12, 2023 Conor Svensson
Web3 Innovators
Web3 Perspectives: Web3 Data - What information do users really care about?
Show Notes

In this Web3 Innovators: Insights episode, we dive deep into the world of Web3 data and explore what information users truly care about. We unravel the complexities of blockchain-powered applications and how it impacts the average user. 

Episode Highlights

1. The Future of Blockchain-Powered Applications

  • Discover how blockchain technology will power countless applications behind the scenes, without users needing to be aware of it.
  • Learn how this transformation will shape the Web3 landscape and what it means for the everyday user.

2. Making Blockchain Data User-Friendly

  • Explore the challenges faced by non-technical users when dealing with hexadecimal and other technical details in decentralized applications.
  • Find out why simplifying interactions using browser-based and hardware wallets is crucial for a more user-centric Web3 experience.

3. The Role of Tokens in Web3 Applications

  • Understand why tokens are the main abstraction for users in Web3 and how they underpin various activities, from cryptocurrencies to NFTs and DeFi protocols.
  • Delve into the importance of token-centric information and how it can enhance user interactions with Web3 platforms.

4. Introducing Chainlens - Web3 Labs' Data and Analytics Platform

  • Get an exclusive look at Chainlens, a revolutionary data and analytics platform by Web3 Labs.
  • Learn how Chainlens simplifies blockchain data, making it more accessible for users, and contributes to the overall improvement of Web3 UX.

5. Embracing User-Centric Web3 Experiences

  • Discover the challenges faced by newcomers in understanding blockchain networks and the responsibility of the Web3 community to lower entry barriers.
  • Learn how platforms like Metamask's portfolio view are leading the way in creating better user experiences in the world of Web3.

Chainlens is a leading blockchain explorer for Ethereum and Substrate networks.
Find out more - http://chainlens.com

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