Web3 Innovators

Will Artificial General Intelligence help to close the Web3 skills gap?

March 08, 2023 Conor Svensson Season 6 Episode 6
Web3 Innovators
Will Artificial General Intelligence help to close the Web3 skills gap?
Show Notes

In the sixth episode of our new season of Web3 Innovators, our host Conor Svensson has the tables turned on him and is interviewed by Joshua Lory, Head of Blockchain GTM at VMware, a multi-cloud service for all apps, enabling digital innovation with enterprise control.

These were follow up questions that Joshua wanted to ask Conor after he was interviewed on the podcast earlier this season, which you can listen to here.

Connect with Joshua on Twitter.

Episode highlights:

  • Who Conor believes are the three players that will capture 80% of the market in the next 10 years and why
  • How this differs from Joshua’s views
  • Other up and coming players in this space who it is worth keeping an eye on
  • Why the decentralised infrastructure projects have got a big part to play in the future
  • How we narrow the skills gap needed for these new ecosystems
  • The issue with smart contract development on public blockchain networks
  • The potential with AGI (Artificial General Intelligence) to help close the skills gap

Key Takeaways:

  • In every single technology space the top three players capture 80% of the market time and time again. And then you have a long tail of the 20%, where you have thousands of different options that capture one or 2%. - Joshua

  • Ethereum, I've always felt that it's like the Linux of this generation. - Conor

  • From a personal perspective, I think Polka Dot is building a strong ecosystem. They have some very strong technology in terms of what they've done. So they're model of having this layer zero blockchain and then these power chains, which are kind of permission chains spun up on top, seems to be viable. - Conor

  • We’ve got 10 million Java developers that could be writing to this new ecosystem, but are not. - Joshua

  • The real challenge with smart contract development is that it, especially on public blockchain networks, is that people can't afford to make mistakes with it. - Conor


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