Web3 Innovators

How will businesses transition to Web3?

February 22, 2023 Conor Svensson Season 6 Episode 4
Web3 Innovators
How will businesses transition to Web3?
Show Notes

In the fourth episode of our new season of Web3 Innovators, our host Conor Svensson is joined by David Palmer, a digital visionary and global platform innovator who works as Blockchain Lead at Vodafone Business IoT. 

Episode highlights:

  • How the technology innovation of blockchain initially made David interested in the space
  • The opportunities he saw for blockchain to help shape the telco business model
  • The four use cases they focused on when looking at the application of blockchain
  • Digital Asset Broker and what it means for electronic vehicle charging
  • How Web3 can bring new liquidity to assets
  • David’s advice for those unsure about blockchain’s potential for their organisation or industry
  • How David believes blockchain can bring new business and opportunities to external facing companies
  • How Web3 will not exist in isolation and instead will be a component within the digital tool set
  • Business opportunities as we move to the metaverse
  • How David believes Web3 and blockchain technology will develop 

Key Takeaways:

  • I saw an opportunity for blockchain to really reshape the telco business model and present new opportunities. - David

  • So blockchain as a centre for trust and transaction settlement made a lot of sense. That is now live, so that was one of the proof of concepts. - David

  • I'm a founder, innovator of, it's called the digital asset broker. This one was slightly different because it wasn't just using blockchain for trust, it was really using blockchain to create a whole new business for IoT devices. - David

  • There is a blockchain based solution out there which has been implemented with some of the biggest companies in mobility in the world. And energy and Web3 and blockchain are a key component of that. - David

  •  I think services around identity are gonna be absolutely critical and a massive business opportunity. - David

  • There's millions of people who are in poverty, millions of people who don't have access to business or a career or jobs or career paths. And It would be really exciting to see Web3 fill that void. - David


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