Web3 Innovators

Web3 Innovators Season 6 Trailer

January 25, 2023 Season 6 Episode 0
Web3 Innovators
Web3 Innovators Season 6 Trailer
Show Notes

Exciting news! The Web3 Innovators Podcast returns next week with a new season packed full of new learning from leaders who are changing the face of finance and other industries with web3 and blockchain technologies 🎉

➡️ In Season 6 you'll hear from guests like Paul Brody - Global Blockchain Leader at EY, Bharat Mohan - Senior Principal for Financial Services and Insurance at Infosys and Joshua Lory - Head of Blockchain GTM at VMware amongst many others

➡️ Episodes every Wednesday with seasons that include handy recaps so you won’t miss key learnings from our guests

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