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Are NFTs extensions of who we are?

December 07, 2022 Conor Svensson Season 5 Episode 6
Web3 Innovators
Are NFTs extensions of who we are?
Show Notes

In the sixth episode of our new season of Web3 Innovators, our host Conor Svensson is joined by Daniel Heyman the Co-Founder and CEO of Palm NFT Studio

Palm NFT studio is a collective of Software Developers, Generative Artists, Storyworld Creators, and Strategists and spans all aspects of Web3 technology and creative production.

Before starting his current company, Daniel was the Co-Founder of PegaSys, which is now the Protocol Engineering division of ConsenSys.

Episode highlights:

  • How studying the adoption of mobile technology in Kenya got Daniel interested in the space
  • His learning outcomes from founding a company that wasn’t successful and the path after this
  • Where the inspiration for Palm NFT Studio came from and its founding story
  • The challenges the company has faced in its 1st year and how they have worked to overcome them
  • Their aim for people to have direct ownership over the digital assets they care about and how they are trying to make this a reality
  • Daniel’s belief that eventually all assets will be represented by NFTs

Key Takeaways:

  • It seemed evident to me that if we could connect the biggest brands in the world into this technology innovation, we could not only produce some really meaningful projects, but we could use those as the tip of the spear to broader adoption of our entire ecosystem. So Palm Studio set out to create the best platform for large scale web artists, creators, and brands to adopt Web3 technologies. - Daniel

  • A huge problem that NFT’s have is the misconception in the market of what they are. A lot of people see them as speculative assets that are there to make a quick buck, and people understandably react negatively to that idea. - Daniel

  • We need to do a lot of work educating the fan base that this isn't a way to make a quick buck. It is to give the audience a deeper connection to the brand and people's relationship to the brand. It’s to give them a piece of the universe, or a piece of the art, or something they can truly own themselves. - Daniel

  • Everything is focused around delivering value to the end user and if there's revenue associated with that, wonderful. But, just like any product, you start from the point of what value you are providing, not how much money you can make. - Daniel

  • My belief is that in five years, 99% of NFTs will either be free or below $10. These need to be things that everyone can adopt and consume and interact with, and they can't just be high value collectables for the crypto rich. - Daniel


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