Web3 Innovators

Decentralised Derivatives with Barney Mannerings

August 17, 2022 Conor Svensson Season 1 Episode 43
Web3 Innovators
Decentralised Derivatives with Barney Mannerings
Show Notes

In this episode of Web3 Innovators, Conor Svensson, Founder and CEO of Web3 Labs, talks to Barney Mannerings, founder of Vega Protocol. Vega Protocol is a platform for building derivatives for Web3.

In the conversation Conor and Barney dig into a number of topics including:

-The infrastructure required to create on-chain derivatives
-How they approach leverage and risk management
-The community’s role
-What’s still missing from DeFi

Whilst derivatives have been linked in the past with events such as the global financial crisis of 2008, they are an absolutely key piece of plumbing in our financial infrastructure, allowing business to hedge risk against a myriad of different asset classes.

Barney is a a finance and technology veteran who spent many years working in capital markets technology before founding Vega, it was exciting to see how they’re building out this key infrastructure for Web3.

Find out more about Vega Protocol here

Watch the video here

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