Web3 Innovators

Web3 Innovators - Conor Svensson and Joshua Tan

June 29, 2022 Conor Svensson Season 1 Episode 36
Web3 Innovators
Web3 Innovators - Conor Svensson and Joshua Tan
Show Notes

In this episode of Web3 Innovators, Conor Svensson, Founder and CEO of Web3 Labs, talks to Joshua Tan, Executive Director of the Metagovernance Project. 

In addition to the Metagov project, Josh is a PhD researcher focusing on applications of collective intelligence and the governance of online communities, which includes DAOs.

Josh has been involved with DAOs for the past 4 years, with his work at Metagov he’s working to build a governance layer for the internet,  helping drive standards for DAOs and bring together key organisations in the space.

The conversation includes - the ways in which Joshua is combining AI research with DAOs, some of the cutting edge challenges we need to overcome with DAOs for mainstream adoption and how widespread they could become.

DAOs fascinate us. It was great to get Josh’s perspectives on them, as he’s working at the forefront of this fast moving area of Web3 and we're sure you'll enjoy it too.

Watch the video here.

Find out more about Metagov here.

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