Web3 Innovators

Web3 Innovators - Conor Svensson and James Carlyle, Cais Manai

February 23, 2022 Conor Svensson Season 1 Episode 27
Web3 Innovators
Web3 Innovators - Conor Svensson and James Carlyle, Cais Manai
Show Notes

In this episode of Web3 Innovators, Conor Svensson, founder and CEO of Web3 Labs, talks to James Carlyle & Cais Manai of Obscuro Network.

Cais and James have both spent a number of years working at R3 on their Corda platform, before last year switching their focus to work on the Obscuro Network. The Obscuro Network is privacy first Ethereum layer 2 network.

Lots of topics are covered in this discussion including how the Obscuro project came to be, the different approaches it is taking to privacy on blockchains compared with other L2 solutions such as ZKP and some of the new challenges they will need to overcome.

This conversation is a fantastic primer on the Obscuro Network’s approach to privacy, and also very helpful to understand the privacy limitations in many of the ZKP based layer 2 networks. We're sure you'll gain valuable takeaways from it too.

Find out more - https://obscu.ro/

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